So my husband and I are major foodies. We’ve subscribed to countless cooking magazines, have dozens of cook books that we actually use, and routinely try new restaurants and food delicacies.

When I first started dating my husband he used to say to me, “If we can make it, we don’t buy it.” I laughed.  Except now, with the occasional exception of pasta, we really do make almost all of our food from scratch. No boxes of mix, no bags of bread, no half-gallons of ice cream, no jars of pasta sauce. We make most of our food with only fresh ingredients.  And, it doesn’t hurt that living in central PA we have access to several amazing farmer’s markets.  For just under $40 we can buy a week’s worth of groceries and splurge on fresh, organic produce, dairy and meats.

My husband is really the cook in the house. I’m more like the sous chef. Still, after being married for a few years, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two. For New Year’s Eve, I wanted spare ribs.  Some people are partial to barbecue sauces but I really prefer dry rubs and found a great recipe on

I gave the ribs a good rub and set them aside overnight. On New Year’s Eve, my husband fired up the grill (yes, we’re those people who grill year-round) and cooked those ribs low and slow. They were about as mouth-watering as you could ever want ribs to be.

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