Reaching out to Haiti

After working at a nonprofit organization for about three months I got a phone call from one of our “clients.”  She told me about her situation and what my organization had done for her.  Then she told me that I had helped save her life. I never expected to hear those words ever and it touched me deeply.

As I watch news about Haiti on television, I’m reminded of that woman.  People, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in great need. Certainly, Mother Natures should never be underestimated.

This morning, I’m giving to the American Red Cross. Sometimes it’s too easy for us to remove ourselves from the world around us. When a natural disaster happens, I think…what if it was me without water, shelter, food, or medical treatment…If it was me who didn’t know where my family was and no way of reaching them…If it was my mother, father, sister, spouse, or child…That earthquake (or hurricane, or ice storm, or drought, or tornado) could have hit me and changed my life forever.

So even though I know I’ll never get a phone call, somewhere in Haiti  my few dollars are helping to save someone’s life.  And, it still touches me deeply.


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