I can’t wait

We finally ordered a new digital camera–a Canon PowerShot A1100 12MP Digital Camera.  I can’t wait for it to arrive (in 6-8 business days).

We purchased our current digital camera years ago before they really became mainstream. We paid a small fortune for it.  The camera cost around $500 for 6MP (nearly the highest MP in our price range offered at the time) and 3x zoom. We paid another $150 for a 1GB memory card. It’s laughable now.  Still, we have taken lots of beautiful photos with it despite its bulky size and less than user-friendly operating features.

Unfortunately (or fortunately maybe) our current digital camera has reached the end of its life. On our recent trip to Philly it was clearly not operating properly.  I thought maybe the freezing temperatures were slowing it down, but after closer examination we realized it was time to say goodbye.

We’d been talking about purchasing a new camera for years. But we’re the kind of people who only  buy a new electronics if we have a good reason. And why buy a new digital camera when we already have one that works, right?

To say the least I was pretty excited when it came time to order a new camera especially now that we have a better sense of what we want and need.  After reading reviews for what seemed like forever, we decided on the Canon.

Now to figure out what to do with the old digital camera…Is there a place to recycle old cameras?


One Comment on “I can’t wait”

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