Storage boxes

My hubby made me some wonderful under-bed storage boxes.  Before I get to pics, here’s some background…

Since we moved into our new apartment, I’ve been griping about storage for my clothes.  We sold a lot of furniture when we moved including two dressers.  So for the last few months my clothes have been stacked in piles on a shelf in my closet.  I’m sure your thinking–that’s where clothes are supposed to be stacked, right?  Well sure, if your stacks are neat, folded and organized.  But  my stacks… oh no… my stacks were two feet tall, touching the ceiling and constantly falling onto the floor.  I actually kept a step stool nearby to reach t-shirts and pants at the tops of the piles.  Luckily my incredibly handy husband stepped up with a DIY solution–under-bed storage boxes.  BRILLIANT!

After a few weeks of constructing and painting, I’m excited to say the boxes are done.  I was planning to line the bottoms with scented drawer liner but opted for some lovely and less expensive wrapping paper instead. Plus I’m the process of sewing lavender drawer sachets but more on that in another post.

The only downside, our dog Tori will have to be satisfied sleeping next to the bed instead of under it.

Getting started.

Constructing the boxes.

Making progress. Two done, two more to go.

I decided to throw on a coat of paint even though the boxes won't be very visible under our bed.

Gliders. Initially I wanted small wheels but the boxes sit on carpet and I needed something that would make them easy to move.

Lining the boxes. Hubby picked out the hardware.

The boxes are fairly large and deep.

And, under the bed. Eventually, I'd like to add a full bed skirt that comes down to the floor. One thing at a time right.

Perfect! Thanks, honey!


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