I have a confession…I haven’t run all week!  When I’m not training for a race, this isn’t a problem for me.  I made running (or not running) a guilt free zone years ago.  Since I mostly run for fun, I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I missed a day here or there.  I mean, what’s fun about being on a rigid schedule.  But when I have a race coming up I try to stick with a routine. I want to use Snowmageddon as an excuse, but that’s all it would be–an excuse.  I have access to a treadmill at the fitness center in our apartment complex.  It would be difficult to get the door to the fitness center open with three feet of snow in front of it (it doesn’t get used much so the property management company is slow to dig it out). Still, I could groundhog my way in if I really wanted.  I have done some strength and stretching exercises and shoveled lots and lots of snow.  That counts for something, right?


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