Happy Valentine’s!

I love LOVE! Valentine’s Day is the cherry on top. While some go all out, our celebration is pretty low-key. We don’t buy each other expensive gifts to exchange.  We mostly just spend time together (a true gift after two years of grad school for hubby).  It started with breakfast.



Love is warm, whole wheat waffles with honey cinnamon butter, pure maple syrup and fresh strawberries. Plus, bacon.  Love is bacon. And of course, coffee.

Sweets for my sweety.

Later, I surprised hubby with kisses.

We enjoyed an afternoon of wandering around including a stop at our local bookstore. Hubby browsed cook books while  I headed to the garden section.  All of the recent snow has made me crave the green of springtime.  We took the scenic route home and decided we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try a new brewery. Trying local brews is one of my favorite past times.  Plus, who could pass up a place called Bube’s (pronounced boo-bees).

Bube's in Mount Joy, PA

Bube’s is located in great historic building with tons of charm and, get this, bar hooks. I think bar hooks speak volumes about a place.  Anyhow, we sampled three of the brewery’s beers on tap: the English Ale, the Scottish Ale, and the Dubble (I think, Dubble). They went down smooth with a tasty lunch which included of all things–a heart-shaped curly fry! How appropriate on Valentines?

Heart-shaped curly fry

After lunch, we headed home to catch up on Olympic coverage and relax.  But, the celebrating isn’t over yet.  On the menu for dinner tonight–a rustic seafood stew.  I’ll let you know how it comes out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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