This week got busy out of nowhere.  What have I been up to?  Well, cooking, of course.  A few nights ago we tried a new recipe: Chicken Tetrazzini.

Our inspiration... From the folks behind America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Illustrated.

Chicken Tetrazzini!
Chicken Tetrazzini

Mixing it all together.

Headed for the oven. Delicious! The recipe makes a lot. We put half in the freezer for another day.

On the menu for dinner tonight…homemade pizza including homemade dough and cheese.

Went to a new dentist earlier this week. One thing I really hate about moving is having to find new dentists, doctors, hairdressers, dry cleaners–essentially all of those important services that you rely on to get you through your days.  It’s especially difficult when you move to an area where you don’t know anyone.  There’s no one to ask!  I took a chance on a new dentist.  While the visit and service weren’t terrible, they certainly weren’t what I’ve come to expect.  I think I’ll keep looking.

I’m cleaning today.  It’s not my favorite task but I’ve been neglecting the house all week. Between Tori (our Siberian husky) and my husband (love you, hon), the job can quickly become overwhelming. Best to stay on top of it. I also need to catch up with a friend I’ve been meaning to call since Monday.  The days are just flying by.

Happy Thursday everyone!


2 Comments on “Busy”

  1. Mary says:

    Your pictures of the food (recipe you made) look delicious. They should be in cook books.
    All dentists are aweful. They always ask you questions when you mouth is full of dentist stuff.

  2. Mary says:

    Food looks delicious. Your pictures should be in magazines.

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