Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m referring to my pasty pale legs that I displayed on my run today.  I killed it today. 8 mile route in 1hr, 23 min. or 10.38 min per mile.  I’m definitely feeling it in my knee I banged up the other week.  Nothing a little ice can’t take care of.  Otherwise, it was a great run. Yesterday I did my usual upper body strength workout which includes bicep curls, shoulders, triceps, and chest press. I also added shoulder shrugs.  We’re in for a couple good days of warm, spring weather. I’m looking forward to getting out for some quick runs over the next few days.  Only a week and half until the 2010 Garden Spot Village Half-Marathon.

Normally when I run, I daydream so I’m not entirely observant of everything around me (I know, spare me the lecture please).  However, I was particularly aware of the numerous animal carcasses I passed on the road today. At least 2 dear, 1 raccoon, 1 possum, and 1 as yet unidentified carcass that I think was either a fox or large domesticated cat.  Yuck!


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