Three Things Thursday

#1  My mom came up to visit for a few days and this morning we went out for breakfast.  Good bagels, good coffee and good conversation.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy just sitting and talking about any random thing especially with my mom.

#2  Made it out for a run today with my new Garmin.  Yeah!   I spent a little more time recovering from my half-marathon the other weekend than I anticipated.  Got in some good long walks the last few days but the strain in my knee has kept me from picking up the pace.  After the fog lifted this morning, I had to run.  My knee started to ache around 25 minutes but I managed to push through it.  Really, it was only bothersome running downhill.

#3 I’m thinking about my running wardrobe…Okay, so random babbling is about to commence.  I love to read running blogs and I’m constantly impressed when I see photos of well dressed runners.  I rarely think about what I wear when I run and mostly haven’t cared whether I matched or looked cute.  I regularly wear old t-shirts that are stained or have small holes (okay, I’ll admit it….occasionally they have great big holes). Today I wore bright pink stretch pants and a blue top–they didn’t match even a little bit.  I’m actually wishing I had taken a photo of myself to show you. Despite my lack of fashionable running gear, I still manage to enjoy running.  So, what do you wear when you run? Do you feel more motivated rockin’ some smoking hot  booty shorts and wicking tee?  Or does a ratty pair of shorts and worn t-shirts do it for you?


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