Happy May!  I’m back after a brief blogging vacation.  Still have a nagging ache in my knee that’s really been cutting into my running.  I’m trying to take it easy but I really want to get out there with my new Garmin.  I LOVE that thing.   Here’s what I’ve been up to:

4/27, 2.63 miles, 28:35

4/30, 3.4 miles, 36:26

5/1, 3.47 miles, 37:01

5/2, took a break from running for a mountain bike ride on hubby’s birthday, 2.73 miles, 46:58

5/4, 3 miles, 33:43

It’s been a busy few days…. My niece turned 4 on May 1.  We celebrated at a bounce and play facility.  It was a good time. Coincidentally, one of my dearest friends was adding another birthday to May 1, her daughter, Audrey, was born at 3pm. Mom and babe are doing wonderful and I’m looking forward to catching up with my friend soon.  My husband also celebrated a birthday.  I gave him the most adorable card.  I loved seeing the smile on his face when he opened the envelope.  Unfortunately, his birthday gifts required more planning than I allowed time for so they’re a bit belated in getting to him.   And, I’m in total bridal shower planning mode.  My younger sister is getting married this summer and we’re hosting her bridal shower this weekend.  I’d give details, but since she occasionally reads my blog, I don’t want to give away too much.


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