It’s been a long time since a book made me cry and laugh out loud.  If you haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, put it on your list. (Okay, so it was on the Times bestseller list. Apparently most of you have already read it.  Well, I’m perpetually behind on my book reading, movie watching and tv viewing. Such is life.)

You may remember I picked up this gem of book at a recently library book sale.  My mother came up to visit a few days ago and I couldn’t stop talking about it.  When you read it, you actually feel like your having a conversation with the author.  My mouth was watering during the “eat” portion of the book. I was inspired to reconnect with God during the “pray” portion. And the “love” portion, well…my husband is a lucky man (or maybe it’s me who’s lucky?).

This book is going on a rare list of my favorite things. I love a good story. And a good story with purpose, worth reading again and again.  Brilliant minds in the world decided to make this incredible book into what I’m sure will be an incredible movie.  I had been avoiding the movie trailer until after I finished this book but….maybe one day I’ll have the very first combo book/movie on my very rare list of favorite things?


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