Because it’s so good

Stuffed pork chop. Yum!

Went for a great run yesterday–my usual 3.5 mile run through town.  So what’s even better than a good run? A good dinner.  You may or may not know that my husband is an amazing cook.  He’s not formally trained, but he knows things.  One of my favorite dishes he makes is stuffed pork chops.  They are super simple and so good.  Because the recipe requires you butterfly the pork chops, we like to get them cut by a butcher so they’re a little thicker and can stand up to the stuffing and grilling.  We stuff ours with asparagus, but I could easily see stuffing these puppies with a variety of vegetables especially cauliflower. So you butterfly the chops, stuff them with your favorite vegetable and then add a layer of cheese before closing the chops for grilling.  We used swiss cheese most recently, but we’ve made them using everything from cheddar to Gruyère.  The cheese melts all over the vegetables during grilling and helps to keep the meat moist from the inside.  Closing the chops can be difficult once they’re stuffed so we use wooden skewers to help us keep them closed. You could also use butchers twine.  Lastly, we brush the grill with a little olive oil before placing the chops on the rack.  Grill until cooked.  They couldn’t be more simple or more delicious. On the menu for tonight…NY strip with grilled veggies.  We picked them up a Danda Farms today when we stopped by to put in our order for a quarter beef today.


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