Three-day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.  I love that the summer season kicks off with an extra long weekend.  Normally, we’d take advantage of the time off from work to get away. Unfortunately, it’s been hectic around our house the last few weeks and we failed to get on top of planning early.   So we’re enjoying the long weekend at home instead.

This morning started off with a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit and coffee.  You may remember my thoughts about breakfast. If not, you can refresh your memory here.  Afterward we headed out for a drive.  We had to swing by our realtor’s office (We’re house hunting…part of that “hectic” to which I was referring earlier) to drop off some papers. Then, we decided to head out and explore a part of Central PA we hadn’t visited yet.

Our drive today took us to Manheim where we discovered a little taste of our old familiar Carolina home at  JoBoy‘s Brew Pub which opened just last month and serves NC style barbecue and several craft brews. Hubby and I are very particular about our barbecue and were pleasantly surprised. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and hubby ordered the beef brisket.  For those of you who don’t know…the side of slaw should be piled high on top of your sandwich. JoBoy’s also offered two sauce options–very Carolina–with a sweater, sugar-based sauce and a bitter, vinegar based sauce. I’m not sure what hubby thought of his beef brisket sandwich. I was too busy savoring every bite of my pulled pork–which was incredibly moist and tender–to ask.

Between the two of us, we sampled three of their craft beers on tap: the Patriot Ale, the American IPA and the Dark Side stout.  Hubby and I are very particular about our beer (are you noticing a pattern here).  Where we moved from in NC was just outside of Asheville which is known for its serious beer culture (among many other wonderful things). I enjoyed the Patriot Ale which was light and perfect for a lunch meal on a hot summer day. Hubby thought his American IPA and Darkside stout were both good.  The IPA had nice flavor and he enjoyed the hint of chocolate  in the stout.  I love to share the places we love with others so if you find yourself in Manheim, PA, definitely make time to stop by JoBoy’s.  It’s located in the coolest old building–the Summy House–in an area that’s been a tavern since the 1800’s.  Have a seat at the bar and you might even be lucky enough to meet JoBoy’s owners, Jo and Jeff, and hear how they managed to bring Carolina barbecue and several new craft beers to Central PA.


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