We did it!

Okay, so I haven’t run for a week.  But, I  have a good excuse.  I promise.  Last Friday, hubby and I bought a house!  It’s been a long time coming.  We owned a home a few years ago when we lived in North Carolina, but sold it to relocate for hubby’s grad school.  Friends joke that we’re nomads. Well, no more, my friends!  We have a home.

First, the pros…It’s amazing to have a home finally after moving around for so many years.  The house has a great floor plan and sits on almost six acres.  Plus, the neighborhood is pretty close to what we were looking for.

And, the cons…There’s always a few, right?  So the house is a little older; build in 1972.  And, it shows. The house needs to be remodeled from floor to ceiling.  It was a custom-built home in its day, but the original 1972 cabinets, well, not even a coat of paint could help them. And since the home was a short sale (more on that in the future), we purchased it “as is.”

So, over the next few months (okay, who am I kidding…the next few years), we’ll be remodeling until we run out of energy or money, whichever comes first.

There’s a lot more to tell, but we have plenty of time. Enjoy a few pics for now.

Home sweet home!

Day 1: Kitchen before. Remodeling starts in the kitchen. Don’t let the pictures fool you. The oven door fell off when we pulled it away from the wall.

I know...It doesn't look that bad, but believe me, it was. We actually found a mouse nest under one of the cabinets when we removed it. No actual critters, but clear evidence of their existence. Still, the kitchen was a major selling point for us. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much time we spend in the kitchen. A large kitchen was essential and this one fit the bill.

Still day 1: That's hubby. Kitchen remodeling started by taking down cabinets and pulling up old vinyl tile flooring. Unfortunately the cabinets are not in good enough shape to donate. Hubby suggested re-using them for storage in the shed or garage.

End of day two. All the vinyl tiles is removed. We're recruiting help to remove the last few cabinets. The granite on top is one huge slab. We need reinforcements to lift it.

We’re hoping to finish kitchen demolition this weekend.  In addition, we’re also hoping to repair the sub-floor as well as begin patching walls.  We’re meeting with a kitchen designer on Monday to help us plan the new kitchen layout.  We already have a few ideas in mind but we’re definitely looking forward to getting some thoughts from our designer in the coming weeks. Many thanks to my older sister and her husband for helping us to clean and start demolition this past weekend.  Couldn’t have done it without you! Love you!

And, the other major development during week one…we opened the swimming pool! Well, we attempted to anyway.  When we took the cover off, the color of the water can only be described as BLACK.  And, there was at least one dead frog that I could see.  We had a local pool company come out today to service it. Not all bad news.  We might need a new filter and skimmer line (okay, I’ve never had a pool before. I don’t even know what a skimmer line is??).  But, whatever they put in the water to help clear it up–that’s some good stuff.  From black to this…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that water is a much prettier shade of foggy green. Still dead things floating in there, but it's a big improvement.

You may notice what looks to be small trees in the background.  No, those are weeds that have developed a rather deep root system.  The grass was actually about that high too, but hubby spent a few hours during the last week mowing it down.  One thing at a time right.

Anyhow, lots more to come.  I’ve been wanting to blog all week to share the good news, but we’ve been steady working on the house every evening.  We’re renting now and still have our apartment lease until the end of September so we’re aiming to get as much of the kitchen done as possible before we have to move in.  Wish us luck!


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