From VA Beach to Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

Been on the road.  Took a great girls trip to VA Beach with two of my very closest friends. Came home and repacked for a business trip to Los Angeles. I enjoyed my travels but I was definitely ready to come home.

I got home very late Friday night and even though I was super tired Saturday morning and all I could think about was getting back out to the house to keep working on renovations.

After a quick run to the farmer’s market, we headed out to the house for a full day of clean up, yard work and kitchen renovation.

While I was gone, hubby ordered a construction dumpster.  We spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning house.  The previous owners left so much trash (not just junk, actual trash) and it was such a relief to get it out of  the house.

We focused mostly on the crawl space yesterday.  The house is a split level and the entry-level of the house has a crawl space.  After we cleared out the trash, we fastened a few loose wires to the floor beams.  Then hubby used a rake to level gravel in the space. Today, we’re planning to lay plastic down in the space.   We especially wanted to get it cleaned up before the plumber and electrician come to help with the kitchen renovations.

So, things are moving along slowly but surely.


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