We have bedrooms too!

I’ve been talking a lot about our kitchen renovation recently.  And, no worries.  There’s plenty more of that to come.  Still, with all the talk about our kitchen you might be surprised to learn we actually have other rooms in the house–other rooms that also need renovation.  Last night after meeting with our plumber, we decided to spend a little time tackling the breakdown of two bedrooms. The house is a split level and we have two bedrooms upstairs in addition to the master.  Here’s what they looked like before last night:

Upstairs bedroom 1

Upstairs bedroom 2

And, here’s what they look like now.

Bye-bye stinky carpet!

The carpet in bedroom 2 smelled even worse. You can see all the stains on the underside of the carpet. Yuck!

These bedrooms are actually in pretty good shape.  No major holes or patch work to do for the walls. Just some stinky carpet and foam wall base to discard of.  I might even get a chance to put a little paint on the walls this weekend (you know,  if I can manage to decide on a color). Maybe it’s odd, but I actually feel a sense of relief tearing the house apart.  It feels like a fresh start.  We have a few extra hands helping us this weekend so we’re in full reno mode!   Wish us luck.


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