Where did I leave off?

We’ve been making some great progress on our kitchen renovation. If you missed the last couple of renovation posts, you can click here to see where we started.

We pulled out the last of the old kitchen appliances and cabinets.

So the latest and greatest…

We tore out some damaged drywall/plaster. Before we replaced it, we had our electrician update some of the wiring for our new kitchen.

My father-in-law helped us tape and mud over the seams last weekend.

We also started laying hardiback last weekend on top of the sub-floor in preparation for installing our slate tile.

Tori dog is supervising all renovation activities.

I wanted white cabinets, but who knew there were so many whites to choose from?

And, we decided on cabinets–our last big purchase decision for the new kitchen. We definitely spent more than a few weeks shopping around for cabinets. Estimates ranged from $5,000

to $18,000. That’s a huge difference. We finally decided on semi-custom cabinets from The Cabinet Authority in antique white.

We’ve got a few weeks of downtime before the cabinets arrive.  Until then, we’re going to continue working on the floor. We’re almost finished laying the hardiback thanks to hubby and help from his a We’ll give the walls a coat of paint before we lay the slate.

We’re also considering whether to purchase beadboard for the ceiling. The old kitchen cabinets had false bulkheads and because our ceilings are plastered and textured, they were slightly damaged when we removed the cabinets.  Even though the damage was slight, it actually seems easier to put up beadboard rather than attempt to repair the plaster and texture.


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