Saturday’s run

Took my first run in my new neighborhood on Saturday morning. A quick 2 mile loop in 20:56. It may surprise you that I’m a runner especially since I’ve been spending more time blogging about renovating than running these days.

I read a number of running blogs and I always think it’s funny when runners talk about house hunting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read about runners walking away from a house they like because it doesn’t have adequate running routes nearby. While running routes weren’t necessarily high on my wish list for our new house, it was something I  thought about.

We did a lot of driving around in our new neighborhood. I looked for natural loops in the roadways, sidewalks, hills, trees or bushes that might cause a problem.  I also looked for lamp posts and lighting along the  roads through town and noted when traffic was heavy in certain areas. All in all, I really lucked out.  Not only are there plenty of quick running routes just out my front door, there are several great parks within a short drive if I need a change.


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