Oh la la

We’ve got paint!  Hubby finished prepping the sub-floor in the kitchen for our slate tile.  But before we install it, we wanted to give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

First a little background… My in-laws came to visit over Labor Day weekend.  Selection of paint colors was definitely on my list of things to discuss with my mother-in-law who’s an interior decorator (yes, I know I’m lucky).  I  really didn’t have a clue about what colors I wanted to use.  Only that I knew I wanted COLOR.

In our first home, I used mostly neutrals which isn’t a bad way to go especially if resale is on your mind.   But this is our house of “wants” and I really wanted color.  Despite feeling a little intimidated, my mother-in-law sat with me on the floor of my master bedroom, flipped through some pictures I’d been collecting of different spaces I liked, and helped me identify the colors that would work in each space of our house.  Seriously, within an hour, we had an idea of what each room should be painted.

We choose Paint and Primer in One by Behr in Wasabi Green for the kitchen. I was a little concerned about the coverage we'd get from the paint and primer in one, but it worked wonderfully even over the textured surfaces of our plaster walls.

Ta da! We also started to lay out the tiles to get a better idea of spacing.

Another view. The pictures really don't do it justice.


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