All moved in

Packing at the apartment. Ignore the adult diaper boxes. Hubby works in health care so they’re convenient and they come with handles on the sides which makes moving them easier.

Well, we did it.  We finally moved into our little house in the country.

I hate moving. Probably because I’ve moved so much the last few years.  I’m practically a nomad.  I counted the other day…10 places in 12 years. No more!  I’m finally home and I can hardly begin to tell you how good that feels.

Right now the house is pure chaos.  We purchased our house back in August, but took our time moving in.  We still had two months on our apartment lease so we took advantage of the time to get started on our kitchen remodel (of which I have lots of new pictures to show you of in the coming days).


Our new fridge is at home in the foyer until we're ready to move it to the kitchen.

The first thing we did when we started moving our stuff in was set up a temporary kitchen at the wet bar in our family room.  Let’s just say, if we ever needed motivation to finish the kitchen, well, we’ve got it.


Despite it all (you know, the mess of boxes everywhere, the chaos of not being able to find your shoes, and washing dishes in a sink the size of notebook), I’m super happy to be living in my new home with hubby, Tori and a new addition who I’ll introduce in a few days.

Warrior Dash is tomorrow!  I’m terribly out of shape.  I’ve almost abandoned running for home renovation these days.  Only ran one planned run this week: 10/5, 1.8 mi., 18:42.  Pitiful, right?  Lucky for me I got in a brisk, unexpected run this morning…


This is what my life looks like these days.





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