New addition

Yesterday I mentioned a new addition to my family….Meet Amos.


Apparently, he's a little camera shy.


We adopted Amos from the SPCA.  He’s a four-year old Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute.  The SPCA told us that his previous owners surrendered him–because he’s an escape artist. It didn’t take me long to find out the hard way that there might be some truth to that statement.

As I was putting my things in my car to leave for work Friday morning, he managed to push the storm door open and in a matter of seconds, shot down the drive way and across the street.  I ran through three of my neighbors back yards trying to catch up with him!  My poor neighbors…I barely know these people.  I pray they didn’t see me running like a crazy woman across their yards but I don’t know how they could have missed me screaming “Amos, stop!” through the neighborhood.  Fortunately, another early riser helped me stop his rampage and then kindly offered to drive us back home (yes, we managed to travel a distance far enough away to be driven back home).

Lesson learned!

Still, he’s beautiful.  He has an amazing stride and grace when he moves.  He’s very well-tempered though he hates to be on a leash.  He’s four, but you can tell he’s not used to being walked on a leash. He has a hard time staying with us when we walk.  He wants to go back and forth. He loves affection and, so far, is a sound sleeper.

Tori (left) wouldn't turn around for a picture. She's not too happy having to share our attention right now but otherwise seems to tolerate Amos (right) being around.

He’s also a digger.  This wasn’t something totally unexpected.  Our 10-year-old Siberian Husky, Tori, was also a digger when she was younger.  I’ll never forget… Tori was an anxious puppy.  One day, hubby came home to find her digging in his mattress.  We called her a groundhog for a while after that.  After countless chewed pillows, torn blankets and various other un-pleasantries,  Tori managed to grow out of it, and so will Amos.

We made a trip to PetSmart Friday evening to pick up essentials.  A larger crate for training.  A strong leash and Gentle Leader for walking. And of course, a few good bones, which he loves.


3 Comments on “New addition”

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  2. fitnstitchin says:

    Best wishes! We also have a husky, she is 4 months old! Beautiful and wonderful Dogs! Amos sounds just fine and with a lot of love and training he will do great! ~Take Care

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