Kitchen remodeling continues

During my blogging absence, we made some pretty good progress with our kitchen remodel. We managed to get the new ceiling planks installed thanks to extra help from my older sister and her husband.

Why ceiling planks, you ask?  Well, our ceilings are a popcorn, plaster.  A few of our old cabinets had false bulkheads that attached to the ceiling and when we torn them out, they damaged the ceiling.  Rather than hire someone to come in and patch up the plaster, we decided it would be easier to install smooth, white ceiling planks.  Who likes that popcorn look anyway, right?

Let’s take a look…

Putting up the furring strips to attach the ceiling planks to. You can kinda see the old, popcorn ceiling there.


Putting up the first two strips was the hardest part. You want your measurements to be accurate. Otherwise, installation is super easy. Once you have your first row in place, the planks use a tongue and groove system along with small brackets.

We've got about a quarter of the kitchen ceiling completed in this pic.

Ta da! One, beautiful new ceiling completed.





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