Extra hands


BEFORE: These are the same bushes my husband and his brother found a rabbit decomposing under a few weeks ago.


My mom came up to visit for a few days and offered to help us around the house.  Not ones to say no to some extra hands (especially now), we promptly rattled off our list of things to do. Among them, yard work.

A few weeks ago we had a pest control guy out to the house.  We have bugs. A lot of bugs.  Granted, we live in the county, but we have a lot of bugs. I don’t know that I can entirely blame the bugs here. Before we purchased our home, it sat vacant for nearly a year.  If I was a bug, I might let myself in too.

The only problem…now that we’re all moved in, we’re having some sort of turf war with the bugs–especially those stinky beetles.


Work in progress.


If you live in or around the Susquehanna Valley, you know exactly what I’m talking about.Unfortunately, the pest guy informed us that those stinky beetle bugs don’t have any natural predators.

The pest guy didn’t recommend spraying inside the house since we have pets but said he’d be happy to spray outside the house once we cut back the landscaping.  You might be thinking: Who’s this guy to tell you how to landscape your house? Well, he’s the guy mediating the turf war and, frankly, our landscaping needed a little–okay, maybe a lot– of trimming.


Another before photo.


Hubby and I have been so focused on the kitchen renovation, that you might say we’ve neglected the yard.  We’ve kept the grass cut, of course.  But it’s clear that the previous owners loved their flower beds and us, well, not so much.  Keep in mind they’ve been growing, untamed, for over a year.  It’s an overwhelming job for anyone, right? Well, anyone except my mom who managed to tame a number of wild bushes and beds single-handedly.  I don’t question how. I just say thank you.

Still, she may have had a little practice.  Before she tore off on her own, she, hubby and I tackled the beds and bushes along the front of the house.


I'm actually trying to show you the flower bed to the left. I don't have a picture of it full on. This one might give you glimpse of what we were dealing with.

I could actually feel a weight lifting off my shoulders every time another bush was trimmed, an overgrown plant cut back, and random weeds sent to their composting destiny. We didn’t create any fancy walk ways or plant any exotic trees.  We simply made space for the plants we liked and composted the rest. Talk about a sense of accomplishment.

The pest guy will be heading back out to the house this week and I can already predict what he’ll say when he sees the improvements.  If you didn’t know what it looked like before, you might not be impressed.  But it was a ton of work and I’m so thankful to have had some extra hands helping to make it happen.




AFTER. Look, we had windows behind those bushes!



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