Back in the kitchen

Work continues on our kitchen remodel.  Last time I blogged about the kitchen, we looked upwards to see progress.  Today, we’ll look the other direction.  The floors, ladies and gentlemen, are done!  But before I show you the results, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how we made our way to the finish line.

Day one. Dirty, dated vinyl.

Uncovering the subfloor.

Totally exposed.


Preparing for what's to come.



We laid the tiles in a grid for even spacing.



The hard work begins.



Making progress.


Don't let it fool you, folks. Laying slate tile is H-A-R-D! Even the thickness of the tile varies. And laying the tile is only half the battle. Next up--grout.

Let me tell you...there's nothing fun about grouting--nothing. This pic is actually after three coats of sealant. After we got all the tile down, we sealed it before grouting.

Sealed again after grouting, then buffed to a high shine. And, a sneak peek at our cabinets which are coming together ever so nicely. But, that's for another post.




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