Tori’s so brave…

And she has the certificate to prove it!  Tori dog got her teeth cleaned.  They had to put her to sleep to get in there good.  Poor thing came home with a bald spot on her leg where the vet put the IV in her.  They had to take one tooth out and they gave it to us in a little plastic cylinder. They sent her home with a bag of dental goodies and a certificate of bravery.  Is that the cutest thing or what?  Her first night after surgery was a little rough. Her whimper actually woke me up at night. Poor thing. Her mouth hurt, but she wasn’t due to have her next pain pill until the morning.  She had meds for about a week.  Twice a day with food. Despite the medicine making her a little sick to her stomach she took every single one of them. Now she’s back to her old self. And her pearly whites, well, they’re pearly white.



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