The next Sunday’s run

Wow. I didn’t blog for an entire week.  I mean, I know it was a busy week at work, but wow.  Of course I made it out for a run today.  Sunday is one of the few days of the week I manage to carve out a little time for myself.  Ran solo today.  While Amos has been a pretty good running partner, he’s had a tough week.  When I got home from work on Tuesday, he had managed to get his head stuck in the door of his crate.  And I’m not talking just a little stuck…I had to cut him out with wire cutters! He thanked me by pooping in the house the next day.  Thoughtful, right? He still has some bad habits we need to break him of and it didn’t seem right to reward him with a run.

2.68 mi., 25.49


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