We have cabinets!

CABINETS–They’re going in folks!  This is big.  I mean, really, really big.  Cabinets…Do you realize what this means? For weeks–oh, who am I kidding? For months, we’ve been making the best of a temporary kitchen set up at the wet bar in our family room and showing our grill some serious love.  It was fun, at first, but it’s starting to get cold outside. When we moved into our house, we only unpacked enough plates and bowls to get us through.  We’re still using plastic cups which I wash and re-wash.  But cabinets…finally we can start to unpack our kitchen.  Anybody who knows us knows how much we love to cook.  We’re kitchen people, foodies, collectors of all things delicious and gourmet. While all is not said and done, the cabinets are a little beacon of light at the end of a long kitchen renovation.


Before we could install the cabinets, we had to put them together!

Moving cabinets into place.

The pantry and wall oven units were beasts--heavy and difficult to move.

Making sure everything is plumb and level.

Getting wall cabinets hung.


So what do you think?  Lots has been happening at our little house in the country and I’m excited to tell you about all the new details in the coming days and weeks.


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