After the electrician came

The electrician came last week.  That means we’ve reached a milestone in our kitchen renovation–we’re closer to being finished than we are to getting started. Yeah!  After we started moving cabinets into the kitchen, we knew it was time to make a call to the electrician again.  The first time he came out, we were just getting started with our  remodel.  We talked with him about what we hoped to do and he gave us some tips about prepping the kitchen for new electrical work.

Things to do….

  • The kitchen remodel had us moving the location of the range, oven and fridge.  All need new electrical lines run.
  • New recessed lighting with dimer switches.
  • Under cabinet lighting.
  • Down-lighting in cabinet with glass doors.
  • Electrical fixture installed for hanging pendent light above the sink.
  • Electrical box for new fan in the eating nook.
  • Plus some general electrical maintenance in other areas of the house.


Finally, a proper home for our refrigerator. It was previously occupying space in the foyer. I forgot how nice and big our foyer is.

Let there be light. For months, we've been working by spotlight. When all is said and done we'll have a fan with lighting just above a small eating area at back right of this photo.






One Comment on “After the electrician came”

  1. […] You might remember the electricians were in just before the holidays. If not, you can read about it here. I already showed you the new recessed lighting, but I can’t turn my attention to the next […]

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