Happening in the kitchen

Welcome back, all.  Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. Hubby and I are back in the kitchen again. Wanted to give you a peek at our progress. You might remember the electricians were in just before the holidays. If not, you can read about it here. I already showed you the new recessed lighting, but I can’t turn my attention to the next step without mentioning the under cabinet lighting.  While I was on the fence about under cabinet lighting, hubby insisted on it. And, I’m so glad he did.  The new under cabinet lighting creates a soft, lovely light that’s particularly nice in the evenings. Take a look…

The under cabinet lighting is so nice. You get a peek at our beautiful mullion doors in this photo too.

A better look at our mullion doors.

Look past the mess to see our progress...cabinet doors and drawers!

And, another look.

We still haven’t purchased cabinet knobs or drawer pulls.  It’s on the list of things to do.  But before then, we have folks from the counter top place coming out to template the new counters.  I can’t wait!  Every day now it’s starting to look more and more like my dream kitchen.


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