Back in the kitchen again…

Did you sing the title to today’s post?  I did.  To the tune of “Stuck in the middle with you…”  Wanted to share the latest and greatest kitchen pics with  you.

We still haven't installed the range top or the dishwasher. We'll move the dishwasher into place later this week. The range top won't go in until the counter tops are installed.

A close up of our beautiful farmhouse sink.

Hubby had to reinforce the cabinet to support the weight of the sink. This pic shows the cabinet from underneath.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get the counter tops installed before the holidays.  After that, a call to the propane company to get the gas hooked up for the range top and another call to the plumber to get the sink and dishwasher hooked up.  Plus, we still have lots of little details to take care of including cabinet hardware, trim and molding around the cabinets and windows, a light fixture to hang above the sink and more.


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