Elsewhere in the house

While we’ve been making great progress in the kitchen, occasionally I manage to steal a few minutes away to paint and freshen up other areas of the house.  Among them, one of our upstairs guest bedrooms.  Take a look…

Before. Not too bad, right? I love this room because it gets lots of great sunlight. I wasn't loving the dated paint and heavy dark window trim and wall base.

While the walls and ceiling were in pretty fair shape, the carpet was another story. It was dirty as all get out and the smell, ugh. It took us weeks to air that room out.

I really wrestled over the right paint color for the guest bedrooms. After lots of consideration, I decided on Behr's Burnished Metal--a soft neutral with a slight hint of gray/lavender depending on the light.


The Burnished Metal also coordinated well with Behr's Burnished Clay that I used in the upstairs hallway and foyer.


After. Okay, so not totally after. We still have to install new flooring, lighting and fixtures. Still, there's something about a fresh coat of paint that feels good. You can kinda see the coordinating Burnished Clay color out in the hall here. I currently in the process shifting a few of our as-yet-unpacked moving boxes into this room so I can begin painting in the living and dining room area.

I freshened up the window trim too with a nice crisp white.


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