Happy Monday

Hi ya’ll. Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Hubby and I have a busy week ahead.  We have lots of last minute appointments with service people before the holidays.

A little later today,  a chimney sweep is coming by.  Our house has two wood-burning fireplaces.  One is upstairs in the living room/dining room.  The other, a wood stove, is in the downstairs family room.   Take a look..

The fireplace in the living/dining room has a beautiful stone wall surrounding it. Perfect for a more formal living/dining room area.


The wood stove downstairs in the family room is also surrounded by stone, but it has a more of rustic feel to it. Perfect for a casual family room.


We’ve been eager to use them for weeks now especially since it’s so bitterly cold outside. But, we don’t really know what kind of condition they’re in.  While they look fairly clean, we wanted the opinion of a pro to make sure they’re safe before lighting up a bonfire in one of those puppies.

Years ago my brother-in-law told me it’s supposed to be good luck to shake a chimney sweeps hand. Let’s hope so.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both fireplaces and chimneys will be in good shape and tomorrow I’ll be sharing photos of two working fireplaces with you.


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