Lettuce table

This weekend hubby built a lettuce table.  What?  You didn’t think we moved out to the country and got six acres for nothing, did you?  We intend to grow something!  Starting with lettuce apparently.  Years ago I saw something on public television about how building a lettuce table is an easy way to grow lots of lettuce and other greens.  A Google search later and we downloaded instructions from the University of Maryland cooperative extension for a salad table. The lettuce table is essentially a box garden with a mesh bottom allowing for drainage.  As is often the case, we didn’t follow the instructions word-for-word.  We adapted it for our needs using materials we already had around the house but the basic idea is still the same.


The "table" portion of our lettuce table is recycled from hubby's graduate school days. Before it was the base for a lettuce table, it was a plinth. A plinth is just a fancy term for physical therapy table (I'm sure hubby might have something to say about that). Oh the memories. More than once while hubby was in grad school, he had me on that plinth practicing the things he was learning. And while I have complete confidence in his abilities now, I have to admit while he was student, once or twice I might have thought, "I hope I'll be able to get up after he does this to me." To all his patients out there, you're welcome. Love you, sweetie!



The box around the sides sits about six inches deep. We'll fill it with dirt when we're ready to plant in a few months.

Hubby cut three large openings in the base of the table and then stapled two layers of mesh wiring on top. The holes and mesh allow for drainage and circulation.


So, that’s how we built a lettuce table.  Easy, right?  A lettuce table can be built in all different sizes and on more temporary support structures, like saw horses, or on permanent support structures like our table.  If you have a desire for fresh greens, you could easily adapt a table to fit any household–even a small, city apartment.  Ours will be resting in the sun room at least for the next few months.  We might even add casters to make it more portable. Can’t wait for planting season.  We’re already drooling over online seed catalogs dreaming about all of the things we want to plant in a garden this year.  A big garden might be hopeful at this point.  The house still needs a lot of TLC.  But, at least we’ll have lettuce.



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