Happy New Year!

Didn’t want to let the new year go by without wishing all of you only the best of luck in 2011!  2010 sure has had its ups and downs, but I always look forward to this time of year and a new start.  This new year’s is particularly special for me because it’s my one year blogiversary.  That’s right, folks.  One year ago I made a resolution to start a blog.  I told myself it I could stick with it for three months, I give a go for a whole year.  And here we are.  It’s been so much fun sharing bits and pieces of my life with you this past year and watching as my little blog grows bigger each day.  I can hardly tell you how excited I get when someone leaves a comment or subscribes.  (Seriously, I think I’m developing some sort of conditioned response–like my brain releasing a little dopamine each time I get a comment or new subscriber.) Lots to come in the next couple of weeks.  Certainly more running as I train for the National Half Marathon in DC.  Certainly more home renovation work as hubby and I turn our little house in the country into our dream home.  And certainly lots more every day odds and ends.   Here’s wishing you all  the best in 2011!


One Comment on “Happy New Year!”

  1. minski says:

    I’m so happy you’ve decided to blog, too! 🙂 It’s a fun way to stay in touch – in a strange sort of way. I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2011 – we must make it happen! Miss you, girlie! Happy New Year!!! Hugs!

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