Sunday’s run

Decided on a quick run Sunday.  My muscles were feeling a little tight after Friday’s run, so I dedicated time to stretching and conditioning on Saturday rather than running again.  Increasing your mileage too quickly is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself running. I’ve learned to listen to my body over the years.  I have plenty of time to build up mileage for my race. The most important thing is to get out there, keep running and stay motivated.  Took Amos along for some company.  He sure does love to run.

1.82 mi., 17:18

Was thinking I might keep track of the total mileage I run this year.  It’s super easy to do now that I have a Garmin. Hubby got me my Garmin back in April 2010.  You can read about it here.  Since April, I’ve run 100.93 miles.



One Comment on “Sunday’s run”

  1. dragonfly180 says:

    awesome! i got a garmin fr110 for christmas and have been logging my runs on the garmin connect site. it allows me to set a mileage goal per week or month, so that’s pretty motivational to see the goal percentage move up!

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