Happening at the house

I haven’t blogged about our kitchen renovation for a while.  We’re kinda having some down time while we wait for a few things to be delivered including our cabinet hardware and faucet fixtures.  And, I still can’t decided on a pendant light to hang over the sink.  I really wanted a unique and beautiful hand-blown pendant, but I can’t find a single glass artist in this area.  Instead, I’ve been keeping my eye on a two fixtures by Wolf Art Glass on Etsy–this lovely amber-colored pendant and this transparent green pendant made from recycled glass.  I’m not entirely convinced that either is exactly what I’m looking for just yet. You’ll have to take a look and let me know what you think.

There will be lots more to come in the kitchen soon including our search for a center island, a small eat-in table and a handful of organizational and decorative accessories.  When hubby and I moved to Pennsylvania, we left most of our furniture behind.  We downsized for apartment living while we house hunted.  Plus, the lighter load made our move to Pennsylvania easier and now we get to enjoy picking out furniture for the way we live in now.  Lots to look forward too.

We’re continuing to make slow and steady progress else where in the house.  I recently began priming the living/dining room area.  I love this large open space.  Take a look…



Before. We inherited the dining table there from the previous homeowners. It's gross.

Patching holes and taping around the windows.

Eventually, I'd like to replace the windows. Until then, a nice coat of primer and white paint should freshen them up a little.

One wall down! Priming the pink. The previous owners painted with two shades of pink in this room.

More of the mess and chaos that is daily life for us. Really, it's best just to embrace it.

Before we can prime this area, we want to recaulk around the stone wall. The caulk that's currently there has turned a nice shade of musty yellow over the years. I started tackling it the other day. What a mess! It really grabs the stone. Anyone ever cleaned caulk off stone before? Any tips for removing it?


Upcoming “to do’s”  in the living/dining room:

  • Finish patching holes
  • Prime and paint the windows and sliding door frames
  • Re-caulk around the stone wall
  • Freshen up the ceiling paint
  • And, paint the room…maybe

Before we paint the room, we might refinish the floors.  They look alright in the pictures above, but the finish on them is pretty worn and damaged in some areas–around the sliding door especially.  Our walls are plaster and have a textured finish which hold a surprising amount of dirt and dust.  I don’t know much about refinishing floors but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of dust involved. We might consider refinishing the floors before painting to avoid having to scrub down our freshly painted walls later.



2 Comments on “Happening at the house”

  1. Jess says:

    I like the amber one better than the green one. I think the green one will be too light with the natural light you already have coming in and the lighter cabinets.

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