Links I Love: Farm and Garden

Years ago hubby and I started dreaming about a little place in the country.  He spent a few years growing up on his grandfather’s dairy farm and to hear him talk about it would make you wonder why anyone would choose to live any other way.  We talked about having a little farmette for so long I actually started to wonder if that’s all we might ever do–dream about it.  We were working and finishing school and generally living life.  But the idea of having some property and a few animals always stuck with us.  Some of my friends made fun of me for subscribing to agricultural publications, but I have a genuine interest.  I think part of my interest is driven by my love of really great food.  Hubby and I are total foodies and I can’t begin to tell you what a difference having fresh foods makes.  Now the idea of having livestock–a few chickens and goats–that took a little longer to grow on me.  I don’t have a farming background and was a little hesitant about the idea of taking on animals. That all changed however when I had an opportunity to visit Spinning Spider Creamery–a goat creamery in Western NC.  It’s an amazing family farm, raising goats and crafting delicious artisan cheeses.  I left thinking, I totally want to spend my life doing this. That’s why it was such a big deal for us to relocate to PA after hubby finished grad school in 2009.  Yes, we were moving to be closer to family. But, we were also making plans to purchase some acreage where we might start to turn our dream into a reality.  Hence, our little house in the country.  Now granted we’re still years (and years) away from our dream. I’m sure progress will be interrupted by life from time to time. But it’s a step closer and that  feels pretty good.  So while we’re working to turn our little house in the country into our dream home(stead), I find plenty of farming and gardening inspiration from the following links I love:

A Way to Garden

The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles

Tiny Farm Blog




2 Comments on “Links I Love: Farm and Garden”

  1. pobept says:

    I was raised in the 1940’s on a 80 acer dry land farm. 40 was always planted in cotton about 20 in sorghum for cow and horse feed the rest had to wrestled from an ever growing mesquite tree infestation. Mesquites trees are indestructible!
    We had a couple of milk cows and 2 old mules for plowing the cotton patch. Some how they found enough grass to survive {No one could afford to buy hay or sacked feed}.
    We always had about 30-50 chickens for eggs and meat as well as a few rabbits.
    It’s not an easy life, up before sun rise, back to the house after sun set. Always tired, dirty and often smelling like horse and cow dung 🙂
    Cows are funny critters, they except you to milk then at the same time 2 times a day, how dare them!
    If you find time visit ma iGarden website at and my Town and Country Farming blog

    Above all else, press on and seek your dream farm, better than town living or working for someone else any day.

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