Half bath

In  Monday’s post I mentioned a powder room on our main living level. In addition to renovating the kitchen, we’re also renovating and updated a few adjoining spaces including the hall just off the kitchen which provides access to a side entrance (and also the most frequently used entrance), our laundry room, a small half-bath, walk-in pantry and recycling station, before heading out to the garage (currently referred to as hubby’s shop).

A little background… When hubby and I were house hunting, one of our must-haves was a bathroom on the main level of the house.  We’re both fortunate to have grandparents in our lives still and it was important to us that they be able to maneuver at least one entrance to the house and have access to a bathroom without having to ascend stairs.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Even though out little house in the country needs a lot of TLC, it has the most livable floor plan ever.  So while the powder room on the main level is small, it plays a very important role as you can imagine.

When we moved into our house, that little bathroom had definitely seen better days.  Brass fixtures, dated window coverings, decor reflecting a style somewhere between country and crap, plus a paint job that wasn’t doing the small space any favors.  So, we decided to update the little powder room using the same paint and floor tiles we used in the kitchen to give the space some consistency and cohesion.  In addition, we sprung for a new commode, pedestal sink, fixtures and hardware.


Before. While we tore out th old sink and commode, we decided to hang on to them. It's hard to see in this picture but they're a matching, off-white color. I knew I wanted to update this small space with bright white fixtures, but we have another half-bath downstairs that also needs updating. We can easily reuse this sink and commode in that space.

Some of our progress. My mom pitched in and took care of repainting the space several weeks ago using the same Behr Wasabi Green paint that we used in the kitchen.

The slate tile is such an improvement over the super dirty and worn vinyl previously occupying the space.

Eventually we'd like to replace the window. Until then, a fresh coat of white paint helps to spruce it up.

A few more days and a visit from the plumber should turn this space into a functioning powder room.



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