The last hurdle

It’s done.   The last major hurdle in our kitchen renovation–the plumbing.  Hubby’s uncle, who’s also a plumber, spent the weekend making our kitchen sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator water filter operational (among other things, but more on that later).  So, that’s it folks.  We’ve got ourselves a fully functioning kitchen. Goodbye teeny, tiny wet bar sink, FOREVER (or at least until we get around to renovating the family room). Yeah for running water!

Of course the foodies in us jumped at the chance to cook in our fully functioning kitchen.  Our first meal–my ultimate comfort food, risotto.

Recipe for chicken and asparagus risotto.

Grated zest of two lemons.

Blanching the zest before straining and setting aside.

Cutting asparagus into one-inch pieces before cooking and setting aside.

Chicken is cubed, cooked, then set aside.

A little oil is used to saute chopped onions. Then rice is added to the pot. While they do make rice just for risotto, I don't use anything special. The key is to stir constantly.


When white spots begin to appear on the rice, add a dry white wine. Allow wine to absorb, stirring constantly.


After the wine is absorbed, begin adding five cups of chicken stock a half cup at a time. Allow stock to absorb each time. Stir constantly.


After rice has magically transformed into creamy, delicious risotto, add in lemon zest, chicken, asparagus, chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste.



Love it, love it, love it!






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