Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day! Yes, I realize I’m a little late in wishing everyone lots of love and happiness on Valentine’s.  I meant to post yesterday, but the hours got away from me and I love LOVE too much to let Valentine’s pass me.  Besides, better late than never, right? Among other belated wishes… Happy anniversary to my mother and father in law who celebrated their wedding anniversary on Valentine’s.

Last week was a busy one.  While the weather kept me  from running most of the week, I did manage to squeeze in two decent strength workouts.  Years ago I read somewhere that a common mistake beginning runners make is failing to incorporate strength training into their routines–that upper body strength can be especially important when your lower body needs a few moments to recover.  I don’t really know if it’s true or not. I just like the way my arms look toned.  That’s enough to keep me motivated.  And, catching up on recent runs…

Sunday, 5.28 mi., 54:31
Tuesday, 4 mi., 38:50




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