Another Monday

Another Monday and all the Monday blues that come with it.  Last week was a tough one. Not for me necessarily, but for the world.  In Japan, one of the worst natural disasters in history.  And closer to home, a couple lost seven of their eight children in a house fire.  So, so sad.  Both are weighing heavy on my heart today. Makes me grateful.

Hope you remembered to set your clocks back this weekend.  I was a little thrown off waking up in the dark this morning, but so glad for the extra daylight hours this evening. Saturday was filled with the usual errands as well as a run, but Sunday was another story altogether.  We headed out early Sunday morning for a day of shopping and beer.  Stoudt’s is one of our favorite local brews (it might actually be my very favorite local brew, with Troegs as a close second).  Even though we down pints of the stuff at our favorite Irish pub every Wednesday, we’d never ventured out to the brewery itself, which, incidentally, is located in near Adamstown, PA–a sort of antique/flea market/salvage (take your pick) mecca.  So here it is folks…my weekend in pics.


One Comment on “Another Monday”

  1. Carrie says:

    You get more done in a Sunday then I get done in a week! Seriously, I don’t think I got out of bed before noon on Sunday.

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