Links I Love: Fashion beyond jeans and ponytails

You may have noticed I changed my look.  I thought Tori Dog Runs needed something a little more fashionable. I blog about a lot of things here–running, home renovation, cooking.  Fashion, well, that’s generally not one of them.  Fashion is one of those things that eludes me. I can’t claim to love shopping.  When I do go shopping, it’s usually because I have to.  Sometimes I give stuff away to Salvation Army before I’ve purchased items to replace them.  Plus, I’m a terrible shopper.  I have a horrible time finding clothes I like. If I’m fortunate enough to find something I like, undoubtedly it won’t fit.  This is my biggest frustration.   On my most recent shopping trip, I purchased several items from the same store ranging in size XS to M.  I have to try everything on, always.  While I adore the looks I see in magazines, in reality I’m pretty minimalist. Mostly jeans.  For work and special occasions, I like classic, tailored items. My closet is riddled with gray and an occasional pop of color thrown in for good measure.  I like real leather shoes, jewelery, and ponytails.  In keeping with my year-long  blogiversary celebration, here are a few more, very fashionable, links I love:

This Is Glamorous

The Clothes Horse

Keiko Lynn

My Style Pill


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