Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love beer. I mean L-O-V-E beer, especially micro brews. When we lived outside of Asheville, NC, I thought we were in micro brew mecca. I can hardly begin to name all of the great breweries in that area, but if you find yourself that way anytime soon, I highly recommend Wedge and French Broad.  When we were trying to decide whether it was time to move closer to family after hubby finished grad school, the great local beers in Asheville were among the reasons to stay in western NC.  But, it wasn’t meant to be. I was pleasantly surprised when we relocated to central PA and found a number of great local breweries.

This past Christmas, my gift to hubby was a beer making kit.  You know, it was one of those gifts you buy for someone else but know full well it’s really for you.  It took us a while, but we finally got around to brewing our beer–A Well Made Tripel from Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Maybe you know someone who’s made beer before.  They’ve told you how fun it is.  Yeah, it’s fun. It’s also a lot of eff-ing work.  There’s definitely nothing fast about making beer.  And I have to tell you, patience is a virtue I’ve yet to obtain.

So how did we do? Not bad for a first try.  Flavor is decent when you first sip it, but leaves an aftertaste that’s less than desirable.  It’s also a little flat.  We’ll definitely make the Everyday IPA too, but after that…who knows.  While I love beer, I don’t love to wait for it. With so many yet un-tasted local brews all around me, I don’t know if home brewing is going to become a regular activity at our little house in the country.  At least we can say we tried (and learned we’re probably beer buyers, not beer brewers).


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