Because I can

So I have this list of things I want to do in life. Some people call these “bucket lists” except that I had mine way before that term became popular.  I first put together my list as a freshman in college as part of a health class.  At the time, we called it a “death list,” which as you might imagine, really motives you to take is seriously.

Some of the things on my list are serious, life changing things–like have children. Others, well, not so much–like buy a pair of shoes over $500.  I started calling these less serious items my because-I-can-items and perhaps not surprisingly my list has evolved to include a lot of these items over the years. Among them, try pottery.

My first pots. I love the little yellow one on the left. I keep it on my desk at work to hold paperclips.

I recently signed up to take a weekly pottery class at a local studio. Where we used to live in North Carolina, there were a number of professional potters and I always wanted to take advantage of their expertise, but just never made the time.  So when we moved to central PA, I put pottery on my list and made it a point to try. Sore arms and five weeks later, I got to bring home two of my pieces. I definitely feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction.  I have a few more pieces still at the studio waiting for another firing. I adore pottery, but was pretty surprised by how much upper body strength it requires to center.  I’ve been told with practice, it gets easier.  I don’t know if there’s more pottery in my future or not, but it was a great experience. It always feels good to cross something off the list.




One Comment on “Because I can”

  1. Jessica says:

    I call them life lists. I really hate it when people call it a bucket list or think that I only created it after the movie came out. So I feel you on that!

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