Starting new

We’ve been remodeling our kitchen for months now and we’re getting down to some of the finishing details. Recently, I blogged about our new backsplash going up in the kitchen. The backsplash feels like some sort of milestone. Like all the big stuff is complete so now we can focus on the details that will  polish off the space.

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I posted an update about the backsplash.  That’s because when you’re remodeling yourself, and you’re not a kitchen design expert, things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to.  Our backsplash turned out to be one of those things.  Originally, I tried to convince hubby we should go with a glass backsplash in a subway tile shape.  He like the subway tile shape, but not the glass.  He thought glass was too trendy.  So we ended up selecting a beautiful, marble subway tile with pillowed edges.  You can read about it here.

Mounting out marble subway tile backsplash.

Hubby prepped the kitchen and mounted our tile backsplash. It was beautiful and really brightened the kitchen.  But something wasn’t quite right when he went to grout it.  In the tile showroom, hubby really liked the look of contrasting tile and grout.  So when we purchased the bright, white marble tile, we got a bold, dark charcoal grout to go with it thinking it would make the tile really pop.  Hubby grouted one small-ish portion of the backsplash and our mistake became apparent rather quickly.

The charcoal grout was too  harsh.  Instead of making our beautiful marble tiles pop, it made them look fake…like they were painted on.  And the dark color somehow absorb the light that the tiles had previously reflected around the room.  Hubby saw my face, took a deep breathe, and painstakingly chiseled it out. (Okay, so it wasn’t so painstaking. He used a tool.  But still, it was a mess.)

Once we had the dark grout cleaned out, we had to decide on another grout color.  He didn’t want to go with a white grout because he thought dirt and stains would show to easily. One of the reasons hubby liked the dark grout was because he thought it would help hide any stains keeping it looking fresh and clean longer.  He suggested an off-white color, but I thought that would just look like it was old. Like we had selected white and it was already dirty.  I still liked the idea of doing a contrasting color and after staring at the backsplash for a long, long while, suggested we use a gray color similar to what we used in the floor.  It was still contrasting, but not as harsh as the original dark charcoal grout and it would still pull from the colors in out counter tops.

Perfect! A light gray color grout blended seamlessly. It offers us the contrast we wanted without absorbing too much light.

It didn’t take hubby long to nod in agreement.  He re-grouted the same small portion of the kitchen so we could make sure we liked the lighter gray.  And, bingo.  It was perfect.  The gray offered contrast, a dark enough color to help hide any dirt or stains, blended perfectly with the counters, and it didn’t drown out the light that the tile reflected all over the kitchen.

I can’t wait to finish the rest of the backsplash and show you more pictures.



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