6-8 Weeks

6-8 weeks…That’s how long we anticipate waiting for our new eat-in kitchen table!  Another milestone in our long kitchen remodel.  We ordered a beautiful, 42″ round, cherry pedestal table by Zimmerman Chair at Sensenig’s Furniture in New Holland, Pa.  Zimmerman Chair doesn’t have a website, but they do have an online catalog. Coincidentally, Sensenig’s doesn’t have a website either, but if you life in the Central Pa area–go there.  Hubby and I happened upon Sensenig’s by accident on a drive through the country some afternoons ago.  Turns out, they don’t advertise.  They’re totally word-of-mouth. The store has been family owned for generations.  We didn’t recognize many of the furniture lines they carried–a few North Carolina manufacturers as well as a few made by local Amish and Mennonite craftsman. We were surprised and impressed.  In addition to a great selection of home furnishings, their customer service is OUTSTANDING.  (A very wise person once told me to use stronger words, not stronger fonts, but in this case I’m making an exception.)   Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo the table.  You’d think after blogging for a year I would be used to carrying a camera around, but nope.  I foget it at home on a regular basis.  I do however have photos of our kitchen progress.

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