Small town living

Hubby and I live in a pretty small town in Central Pennsylvania.  So when we want to get really crazy, we drive the whole 5 minutes north to a slightly larger small town.  Oh yeah.  That’s how we role. Perhaps this is why we were ridiculously excited about a new bakery in town.  I say ‘new bakery’ like the was an old bakery…there wasn’t.  Friday evening hubby and I were headed to John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville when we passed a sign  for the Near the River Bakery.   We actually turned around to drive down, what I would refer to as an alley, to find said bakery.  And there it was!  The cutest little, white-painted building, brick walk and big Near the River Bakery sign out front.  We checked the hours and made plans to head back in the morning.  It didn’t disappoint.  We stopped by early to check out the breakfast goods.  Hubby selected a strawberry cheese cream muffin while I indulged in a raspberry scone–for just a $1 each!  We’ll have to stock up before the baker realizes she can charger way more for her tasty goodness.  We also picked baguette.  The bakery was fairly small, but offered a pretty nice selection between sweet and savory baked goods.  We’ll go back.  Loving small town living more and more everyday.


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