Mama knows how to roll…

Knows how to roll paint, that is.  Mama came to visit, but she didn’t exactly take it easy.  While I was away at work, mama helped hubby and I get a huge jump start on our living/dining room.

Our living/dining room is one of my favorite spaces in the house. It’s also the next big space we’re planning to tackle.  I love this room because it’s large and open. It gets great morning light and has a beautiful stone fireplace.  Unfortunately, everything else about it needs to be changed.  After tearing away old base and trim, I patched and primed.  Mama spent two mornings tackling the hard work.  It really is amazing what a little paint can do.  Take a look…

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One Comment on “Mama knows how to roll…”

  1. […] I’m  amazed what a difference paint makes.  If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here as well as get a glimpse of what the living/dining room looked like when we moved […]

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