Just another week

I haven’t abandoned you…I’ve just been working like a dog!  (Is that the right expression?  Where does that come from?  I can count every activity by dog has ever done on one hand and I’ll tell you what–work–has never been one of them.)  This is the first weekend in I don’t even know how many that I actually had a whole weekend to myself.  It was soooo nice. Saturday I got some much-needed time with the fam at a baby shower for my cousin who’s expecting next month.Near the finish. Look at me smiling! I knew I was having a good race. Came home with enough daylight to squeeze in a quick run: 2.24 mi., 20: 23.

Speaking of running,  I ran the Mt. Cukoo 15k last month.  You might remember, I was a little nervous about this race.  It was half trail, half road.  But, it was SUPER, DUPER AWESOME!  To make it more interesting, they pitted road runners against trail runners and threw in an alternative re-hydration station.  Of course, I ran for team road. Until this race, I hardly ever stepped foot on a trail. I was feeling great right from the git go–despite having to get up at 5:30 am to meet my friend and get to the race on time.  Almost right away I found my stride and felt great the whole run.  I took my GU right around mile 5, just after drinking one luke warm Lager for my team. I managed to cross the finish line in 1:31.

I passed on running Sunday, opting instead for cleaning and housework. That may not seem like fun for you, but when you’ve neglected it as long as I have, there’s just something refreshing about a clean home.

Crossing the finish line.

I started actually Saturday night with laundry.  I did countless loads. Okay, I’m kidding…I did six.  Yes, you read that right. SIX.  I didn’t even know hubby and I had enough cloths to make six loads of laundry–though, that does include two loads of sheets and towels… Oh, the shame.  Moving on though, laundry was followed by vacuuming, which requires more effort than usual when you own a Siberian husky (I mean really, where does all that hair come from?). Vacuuming was followed by special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.  The bathrooms actually weren’t too bad.  That’s one room you don’t want to put off cleaning.  All that and I finally manged to finish painting the ceiling in the living room, which my mom helped me start when she visited in August. But more on the ceiling and other house-related improvements later.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead.  It’s another busy one for me.


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