Compost squash

Look at this beautiful squash! It grew right out of the compost pile from seeds we discarded.

When hubby and I moved out to the country, we started a compost pile.  You know, because it’s what people do in the country.  Plus, we thought we might have a garden one day.  So far though, our “garden’ is a couple of randomly planted tomato plants and our lettuce bed.  If there’s one thing I’m sure about in life, it’s that a tomato picked late in the summer, ripe and warm from the sun, is one of the very best things in the world.

Back to composting…So it’s easy and satisfies my inner environmentalist.  I knew those piles of food scraps and lawn clippings would be valuable garden nutrients one day, I just had no idea my compost would decide to grow a garden of its own.  Not too bad, right?   And so I present to you, compost squash…

Can you believe it? It's perfect too. A great size, no soft spots...never been touched by a pest or bug.


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